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Land use plans represent the “how” and “where” development should occur. Good planning recognizes the need to balance the demands of growth and development with the need to maintain existing development, and at the same time protect our environment and overall quality of life. It must also balance the interests of individual property owners with the wider interest and objectives of the whole community as well as future generations. It is important to emphasize that the goal is to preserve existing character while laying the foundation for future development opportunities that complement that character. A land use plan will enable a community to plan for its long term stability and viability. Land use planning ensures the use of land resources in an organized fashion so that the needs of the present and future generations can be best addressed.

The Regional Service Commission provides professional planning advice and support in the development of land use regulation in both the Local Service Districts and the municipalities served by the Kings Regional Service Commission. This responsibility is set out under the Community Planning Act. The Community Planning Act also establishes the scope and structure of the Rural Plan.

The Rural Plans in effect in this district are posted at this site for your information only. Registered versions should be obtained through the provincial Registry Office. If you are purchasing a property or proposing a development it is strongly recommended that you speak to staff at Kings Regional Service Commission.

to view the Current Rural Plans in effect and status

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to view the Rural Plans

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